So your dog is destroying the house?

The three main reasons dogs become destructive:
1. Boredom/Lack of exercise
2. No supervision
3. Anxiety
Now how to fix it:

1. Crate- a dog should be crated when unattended until they can prove themselves trustworthy. If you need help purchasing a crate go to our Shelter Diversion tab.

2. Exercise- Your dog should be walked as often as possible if not everyday. A run in the backyard is not the same think of a prison cell that's what your dog is feeling if they never leave the house. Lack of exercise as well as lack of mental stimulation can cause destructive tendencies. 

3. Supervision- If you know your dog chews up shoes, furniture, etc than they need to be crated if you can't watch them or tied to your belt loop with a leash. Think of your dog as a toddler. 

4. If you are still having issues with your dog consult a trainer.